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Spetmember Audio

Content: The Vision is the Qualification. Overview of the Re-wilding Awareness and the Archetype of the Wild Woman Part 1.  Turning confusion and doubt into Fierce Faith in our Value. 

Exercises: Free Writing/Prompt within the Audio and Invoking what brings us aliveness. 

Homework: Look for Warmth - Who and What brings you warmth? & Create Warmth: 3 Song Playlist that you Dance to when in Doubt.

Notes From Jenna:

  • We got of to a slightly rocky start with technology (So I threw in bonus chanting and Chant Companion Tracks), and as you may be able to tell due to my sound - I'm entertaining some phlegm. I would remind us in our first month - to look for and invoke the wild woman in OURSELVES as we make choices about how to use our energy.

  • Let this course be a reminder to stay open to signs/symbols and subtle intuition.

  • Don't underestimate the healing power of 5-10 minutes of DANCE daily. It invokes so many of the wild woman qualities, opening us to synchronicity and new connections/opportunities. When we do it with the intention to embody what we desire, it moves mountains.

  • Enjoy your Devi Sadhana Meditation and remember - there is a place for everything as we call back our wholeness (Stillness and Movement, Wild Expression and Deep Silence - one without the other is an invitation to repress). Our dance and our meditations go hand in hand with one another to balance the wild, and the wise.

  • Chanting is understood worldwide as a way to 'hold the altered state'. In the birth of BOTH of my children, it was Undoubtedly the Gaiyatri mantra chanted in person by my sisters that helped open my body for natural and flowing birth. I could feel the chant literally touch my endocrine system and send all the right messages to the tissues to open. Chanting increases the grace in our spiritual bank accounts. So use as you like to open your own silent meditations. Traditionally chants are repeated 108 times each.

  • Recommended Reading from the Audio: Naomi Wolfe - Vagina, Regena Thomasauer - Pussy: A reclamation & the classic ... Clarissa Pinkola Etes - Women who Run with Wolves.



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October Audio

Content: Power of Dream, Pineal and Pituitary Balancing, Sympathetic Nervous System & Parasympathetic Nervous System Correlations, Mind as Master/Medicine, Gaiyatri Mantra for Blessing on the Mind.

Exercises: Micro Meditation with Inhale Alert and Exhale Surrender; Pituitary and Pineal Pranayama

Homework: Dream Focus, Calling in the Dream and keeping a journal. Option to Join Healing Emphasis Classes/Group/Weekly Classes for exposure to glandular work.

Notes from Jenna:

  • The more physical practice you can do this month with the principles of balancing pineal and pituitary glands - the better all of this work will integrate.

  • Offer yourself small pockets of time to meditate, pray, dream & journal alongside all the women in this program - and FOR ALL WOMEN who have forgotten their ability to channel and gain direct experience/revelation. Remember we are weaving an invisible web of practice, depth and support EVERY TIME we choose to sit, write, dream or practice on the mat.

  • Chant the Gaiyatri or Find it Online and listen to it every morning to invoke the highest blessings for stability and grace in the mind. Here is a Collection I have put together on Spotify for us: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4hUtpLjpnfRWUnqvmJLvQB

  • The Chant and Brief translation are directly from me - as a teaching tool.

  • You will learn more about Durga Devi - Goddess Durga in next Months Class.


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November Audio

Content: RISING ABOVE CIRCUMSTANCE vs. disempowered/victim mindset. How to handle our own cycles of self sabotage by assessing the heart and taking radical responsibility for our lives, despite and in contrast to circumstance. Letting the hearts desire beget circumstances versus circumstances impacting the heart negatively. Using this month to stay in close proximity to the quiet knowing of the heart and maintain a strong visualization practice to GIVE OURSELVES the gifts we’ve been waiting for the world to give us.

Exercises: Checking in with the Heart - Listen to Audio for PRESENT TIME check in exercise.

Homework: Daily 10 min Meditation/Creative Visualization

Notes from Jenna:

This month as you incubate your heart and its desires, as you visualize the felt sense of LIVING THESE DESIRES and DREAMS as if they are HERE AND NOW there are a few VERY HELPFUL tactics:

  • Keep company with people that elevate and inspire you.

  • Seek out experiences which elevate and inspire you.

  • Listen to your heart at tiny intervals throughout the day.

  • Notice yourself - slipping into any signposts of heartache and heal through present moment self care.

  • Notice yourself - slipping into states of ease and joy also!!! ALLOW yourself permission to receive the beauty and blessings fully.

  • Have Fun. Express Gratitude. Drop into Gratitude. Give to others whenever possible. Increase the good!!!!

IMPORTANT: Using Creative Visualization is a way to enact the hormonal-neurological dashboard of healthy, positive experience as if it is real in the here and now. Please DO NOT block the power of this work by saying “I don’t desire anything”. Its perfectly possibly to be content, spiritual and still use this practice to support your endocrinological and nervous systems and create alchemy in terms of being able to create the conditions for what you want - biologically.

In preparation for the Visualization. PLEASE identify before sitting for this 16 minute Meditation - WHAT IT IS YOU DESIRE MOST. Pick one “real word” desire to use in your visualization ALL MONTH - in order to grow in terms of creativity and new neurological pathways.

You are AMAZING. and this is powerful medicine to arise out of any circumstance that is limiting you presently.


december Audio

Content: Yoga for the Female Nervous System, what we need to open and thrive. Vedanta and the Vision of Glad Acceptance. Using Ritual and Ceremony to bring the Nervous System the regulation it needs to move into altered or Creative fields.

Exercises: Forced Choice daily ritual selection.

Homework: 3 Daily rituals for Nervous System and your Wild Woman Self.

Notes from Jenna:

This month is renowned for loss of daily ritual in place of external ritual. See if you can keep the balance in tact. Enjoy the Audio and do your best to:

  • Create 3 Daily Rituals that you feel will move you closer to your authentic self.

  • Offer Praise and admiration freely to others, accept people as they are WITH healthy boundaries.

  • If you get stressed, CHECK IN. Have you prioritized your 3 daily rituals. Do so and watch the impact.

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January audio

Content: We cover ‘The Beauty Way’ and Sattvic Lifestyle as a living wisdom and natural evolution of THE VISION of Beauty. How to align my new neurological patterns to come into my easy natural state, able to Create from a place of inspiration vs. overwhelm. Brining my goals and choices into alignment with a Sattvic life or Beauty Way. The Art of Giving Yourself the Gift.

Homework: Stay connected and practice our 3 tips 1) Giving yourself the Gift 2) Consciously Release Control 3) Remember: Roots of Medicine are in the Mind - our thinking is our preventative medicine and imprint hormonally and physiologically.

Notes from Jenna: If you don’t do the homework, the rest is irrelevant talk. Our Practices this month are what actually take us out of fight, flight freeze or tend and befriend. This is the neurological opening for changing our behaviors. The hormonal system, the central nervous system needs to be ready for us to change the brain, our income, our partnership - etc.

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Content: We cover Kali Ma as a window or path into the Divine Mother. The purpose of devotional life being to let go of particular resistances and come into alignment with God Consciousness and Unconditional Love. The purpose of LIFE is to HAPPY, to be enlightened - to self-realize. Spiritualizing our life is also surrendering to the things we cannot change and finding more grace and less resistance.

Homework: 1) What level of Consciousness do you want to operate from? What level of Consciousness ARE you operating from? If Guilt/Shame/Comparison or Ignorance - Offer it to the DIVINE MOTHER. 2) Kali Chant or Breath work.

Notes from Jenna: If you don’t do the homework, the rest is irrelevant talk. It is in offering back our imperfections in humility that the heart comes out of resistance and into unity consciousness/inseparability.

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March audio

Content: Passionate Witness Awareness. The Power of NOW and Non-Dual Teachings. Until this point we have worked with the razors edge where presence meets our unique SOUL medicine: finding LOVE and GRACE on a personal Journey of Self-Realization. This months teaching hopes to “Include to Transcend” and honoring all our dreams, visions and heart - create a DEEP and lasting practice of BEING in the NOW.

The truth of both impermanence and the impersonal nature of things - calling us to see into the timeless nature of reality.

With Data Points from Richard Davidson’s recent conversation with Krista Tippett on ON BEING - Jenna relates simple awareness practices to the truth of what we are truly aiming to approach with the POWER of NOW.

Teachers referenced this month: Jeff Foster, Eckhart Tolle and Richard Davidson - bringing forth the wisdom of the Masculine for MahaShivaratri - Night of Shiva.

Homework: 1) HOLDING emotion closer than the closest. Allowing it to run deeper, to communicate and witness that experience fully as a compassionate or ‘passionate witness awareness’. Emotion is Energy in Motion, it is PRESENT TIME FEEDBACK about What IS. Sometimes it is irrelevant, past associate. Sometimes it is an indicator of where we have fallen from presence and into the future. Either way it is a doorway. 2) Daily 5 Minute Awareness Tracker: Every Night, jot down - what did holding yourself in compassionate/passionate witness awareness yield? - Free write: Insights, Feelings, Thoughts, Judgements, Endings: attachments, judgements, etc.

Ex: When I watched myself respond to my partners reaction to me at dinner - he was mad and shut me down, I didn’t respond - I felt it in my body. I watched the thoughts it birthed and judgements I had about him that were just beneath the surface. Judgements I didn’t want to have but did. I saw him neglecting himself and the anger coming out on me. When I took 15 minutes alone I saw that -

I felt sad and alone, unseen and misunderstood - not ultimately but as a result of his words touching something in me. I watched myself through all this and found the clarity. There were things I was neglecting in my own life. I went home and cared for them immediately. This frustrated him in the moment, but ultimately it allowed us to talk honestly and openly. It took a few days to repair by way giving each other time & space. And by ME LOVING and HANDLING ME, he was free to LOVE and HANDLE himself.

Notes from Jenna: This Month is the essence of TRUE MEDITATION. A deep and relevant, continued curiosity about the PRESENT MOMENT. The NOW, as Ekhart speaks to it. Meditation is not a shape or a privilege, it is a way of BEING in which we are intimately connected to the moment. It is contagious - in that we do it a few times and it catches onto other moments, it spreads and we desire it easily and naturally if done right, with truth. It is both contagious and desirable to be PRESENT.

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April audio

Content: Sacred Mirrors - Healthy Boundaries and Healing the Heart (Discipline and Freedom)

Homework: 1) Dual Lists - explained in detail in last 10 minutes of Audio.

a) Working and Not Working List

b) Me and Universe List

2) There are no Problems (Hang-Ups), Only Solutions.

a) Create your list: Hang or Solution and then 3 Solutions. If a solution breeds more hang ups or temporary ‘problems’ focus on the next 3 solutions. It creates a sense of agency and choice. Which opens the neural networks to new possibility.

Staying with the truth of our own emotions, the truth of what is actually working and what is not and the truth of what is REALLY necessary in a given day and what can be offered back to a higher power or the universe we create a tone of honesty/or satya.

As essential as staying with our truth, and the art of non-repression is the EQUALLY if not more important aspect of presence to the space between the thoughts, the space between emotions and the present moment available to us in and through our techniques, emotions and thoughts.

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May audio

Content: Qualities of the Wise Warrior - Viveka & Viragya. Using the streamlined practiced of Byron Katie in The Work we get to ground zero of unpacking our beliefs and the thinking that creates perpetual suffering for ourselves and those we love. Jenna uses lots of hard and workable examples from her own life to express HOW to take 1 or 2 channels for unpacking our thoughts.

1) For singular experience/ Limiting Thoughts. 3 Question Format.

2) For judgements and challenges involving another person. 4 Statement Turn Around format.

Jenna discusses the necessity of combining this form of self-inquiry/thought/emotional inquiry with our somatic practices to create long term impact and access to the Truth of WHO and WHAT we are behind the veil of our thinking.

Homework: Daily!!!!!! Use one of the methods on a limiting thought or fear based emotion (anxiety, anger, overwhelm, scared). PLEASE NOTE: This is a form of inquiry based meditation. Using this practice for 30 days, or the majority of 30 days will create a MUCH deeper capacity to track feelings and thoughts in a more traditional meditation - which allows for depth and ease.

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June audio

Content: Thanksgiving, Last Conversation and Unity Consciousness

1) Gratitudes, Womens Power to Heal and Connect, Insights from the grandmothers and Traditional Thanksgiving Address.

2) Last Conversation, Vision of Karma Yoga/God moving through us.

3) Paying it Forward - Ripple Effect

Jenna opens her personal story and insights as a reminder of the POWER of women to be natural healers and connectors within their families and communities. We take time to call in ancestors, teachers and guides to thank and bless and receive the darshan (blessing of lineage) for the women enrolled in the course.

We partake in traditional indigenous form of gratitude and offering back to all aspects of nature and self.

We discuss the power of the “Last Conversation” and our ability to go there any day we choose.

We dip into Loving-Kindness Meditation and our Homework in Paying it Forward!!!

With a deep bow - here is your call & homework. (Meditations on the way - sound recording issue on take 1)


1) Your WINS from Sept. 2018 - June 2019 - write em out!!!!! Your growth. Note it. Honor it.

2) Write 3 Women of your choosing: Share your praises of them - acknowledge, thank and appreciate them for all you see that they ARE and DO !!!

3) Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation as described at last 5 minutes of the call.