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Breath Intelligence: Breath Education & Ceremony

Breathwork is returning in July!! This Sunday Workshop is 5 - 7:30 for a Breath Education and Ceremony all rolled into one.

This is the only Breathwork Session of the Summer.

Jenna will be hosting a ceremony with a 10 person maximum for a chance to sample the powerful nature of shamanic breathwork and circular breathing.

Before teaching asana full time, Jenna taught this form of Breath Awareness (Which is NOW finally gaining traction all over the globe) to students looking to surrender the mind entirely and shift into truly open and altered space.

Within the theta and delta brainwaves states invoked through this work, students access both their wisdom body and healing spontaneously. Even for those who have a more mellow journey - the re-oxygenation of blood is a hyper healing state for the physical body which often brings us into great health and vitality.

To learn more, contact Jenna directly.