Jenna McDonald

Training Studio Owner, Director & Teacher

Jenna holds a 200 hr E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and has taught in the US and Abroad since 2010. She has a BA in Eastern Philosophy and Indigenous Education, but her true vedantic lineage comes through 4 + years of study at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam and independently with Teachers of the Swami Dayananda Saraswati Lineage. She has lived in Yoga Centers, Ashrams and Off-grid communities for the majority of her life - studying and applying a true yoga lifestyle. She has two spirited children Adi, 7 and Areya who is almost 2.

Her entry to asana came through a deep immersion in breathwork, meditation and shamanic healing arts. She now specializes in Breathwork, Yoga Teacher Trainings and a few weekly classes for devoted students on Bainbridge Island, Wa.

Outside the studio her life is immersed in writing, outdoor adventuring with kiddos and supporting long-term private clients revitalize their lives through the Art and Science of Yoga. Her sweetest secret is that she is also trained as a doula and LOVES working with women in all stages of life - through embodied birthing seminars, coaching and Womens Programs/Retreats.

Jenna's Classes are vigorous and oscillate between inspirational philosophy and alignment based Asana. As a modern mother, steeped in Ancient Traditions - she strives to offer both a challenging practice & an invitation to step into altered states of consciousness through sadhana (practice with the purpose of liberation). 

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Devoted Yogi is Jenna’s community offering and home base for teaching.


Devoted Yogi is a Training Studio dedicated to bringing lineage based yoga to progressive students looking for more. 

We are devoted to carrying a vedantic lineage into to modern yoga practices. 

We are devoted to merging cutting edge science on anatomy and physiology with ancient embodiment practices

We are devoted to students - who are devoted to their own growth and development. 

We are devoted to Restoring Women's Health and Re-wilding the Heart through community, dance, yoga and cognitive healing. 

We are the evolution of a western yoga studio into a training studio for true yoga lifestyle. 

What does that mean? We train. 

  • THE BODY : Our classes focus on training the body - Strong Progressive Vinyasa, Primal Movement, Dance and contemplative Yin Yoga.

  • THE MIND: Our classes focus on training the mind - Breathwork, Meditation and study of Vedic Philosophy (true yoga).

  • THE HEART: Our classes focus on creating a generous, community centered space to re-wild and evolve the HEART.

true yoga lifstyle

  • Yogic lifestyle practices you may find at the training studio: Ayurveda, Chanting, Kriya, Meditation, Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Anatomy & Physiology, Trance Dance and Women's Focused Yoga/Circle.

  • Our Instructors are trained and asked to actively work towards embodying a powerful, awareness based yogic lifestyle in accordance with the Vedic Vision of universal values and Ayurveda.