CLASS FULL - Sunday Morning 9:30 am Vinyasa w/Jenna

CLASS FULL - Sunday Morning 9:30 am Vinyasa w/Jenna

195.00 every 3 months for 1 year

Join ongoing Invite Only private group Vinyasa every Sunday Morning with Jenna for 2019.

Since Devoted Yogi is now an exclusive Yoga Training Studio without walk-in student options, every class is designed to GROW the student, SERVE the student and keep in integrity to the true yoga lineage of teacher to student relationship and mutual study.

Your first payment reserves your space in the group class which BEGINS Sun. JAN 6th 9:30 am.

4 Payments of $195 will be automatically sourced from your chosen card with each season starting with your initial Payment to hold your space. .


  • Every Class is a 90 Minute Astanga Vinyasa based curated experience designed to help registered students evolve their practice, maintain a strong, mobile body and clear the mind.

  • Sunday Morning 2019 Class is limited to 20 students Max.

  • Once registered you are allowed to miss classes as needed, but you should be able to attend 80% of the year or more.

  • If you miss more that 4 classes without communication, you must fulfill your subscription agreement - but will loose your space in the program, which will go to a waitlisted student.

  • Otherwise you are free to miss class without need to mention it. This is a self-investment.

  • We recognize students may miss classes here and there and thats Okay.

  • This class is for engaged, ongoing students who want a strong practice with a great devoted yoga community.