Badass Basics: May 11 - June 22

Badass Basics: May 11 - June 22


Badass Basics: 6 Week Beginners Series is an invitation to couple good postural form with levity, alignment and humor. We will cover foundational hatha yoga shapes while offering students bite size yoga philosophy and meaningful reasons for taking the postures.

This is the second round of this series, back by popular demand. Second round will cover all basics and add a few great new shapes and pointers for those retaking the series.

Learning the postures in this way - with a steady and strong foundation gives a lifetime of benefit to come. This class is recommended for those newer to yoga AND those that want to root out poor postural habits.

Badass Basics covers:

  • Yogic Breathing and Postures

  • Balanced Standing Sequences that allow for extended time in postures

  • Mindfulness Practices rooted in Non-dual teachings: how to embrace our thinking and emotion without the anxiety of trying to ‘heal’ or ‘fix’ anything.

  • Strength building, Flexibility and Restoration through Yoga.

  • Psoas/Core Building Exercises

  • Practical Yoga Philosophy & Yin Yoga

  • 75 minute Class plus Micro-Workshoping of postures with Q/A

Dates:  Sat May 11 - June 22

Time: 9:30 - 11:00 am

Cost: $150

Minimum: 10 Students

Maximum: 16 Students  (due to use of props and wall exercises)

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