August Immersion: Heart and Hip Opening

August Immersion: Heart and Hip Opening


During this Co-Ed Immersion students will begin to track patterns of movement within the body that keep the heart closed and hips tight. Sometimes, understanding what ISN’T serving us, is AS IMPORTANT as learning alignments opens the body.

What to Expect:

  • Overview of Healthy Patterns of Movement of Hip and Shoulder Joints.

  • Learning and working WITH bodies in classroom to see and shift unhealthy movement patterns that keep shoulders tight or destabilized and patterns that tighten or overwork the hips.

  • A well sequenced 2 hour Yoga Class each day that progressive Opens the Heart and Opens the Hips with intelligence and efficacy.

  • A joyful, spirited approach to conscious movement and embodiment training.

  • A real hands on, experiential journey into heart and hip openers in Yoga.

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