Working Mother, Maiden, Matriarch...

Working woman, Mothering woman, Coming of Age Woman, Matriarch - you all have one thing in common in 2017. You see the suffering around you, the injustices in the world, the way things could be better and you spend most of your day efforting for the heart of the world. Am I right?  In service to your career path, your children, your partner or spouse you may fall prey to thinking that more care and tidying up of loose ends is the answer.

You want to believe that being more organized or taking more vacations is the answer.

When really touching the depth of your presence is the key to repatterning the whole damn thing.

When we train to be Fully Present in the body and MOVE from that place of ‘oozing’ presence - we transform our stress into embodied action. It feels real and sustainable and meaningful.

And, it is a skill. Embodied Presence is a skill. It’s reverent, magical and draws ease and synchronicity back into our lives like a flood. Embodied Presence puts an end to the dry season inside.

That’s where our Womens Focused 200 Hr Teacher Training comes in. It truly is an ‘Embodied Presence’ training in disguise. We couldn’t find a better structure with which to offer you:

  • Cutting edge work in neuroplasticity to mirror the teachings of the Yoga

  • Intelligent and Functional Alignment Training for Asana

  • Inquiry based subtle movement training & learning to read bodies, including your own!

  • Meditation, Guided Breathwork and Daily Cleansing Rituals

  • Facilitated work unravelling thoughts that sabotage and stifle your dreams

  • Learning How Yoga Really Works based on the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras


  • Practices to help you be more of YOURSELF, releasing shame and guilt in process

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Now for the very REAL part.

Talking to yourself and your family about taking the training.

We aren’t used to talking about money or time away from our duties as mother, work or school. And we certainly can feel shy trying to quantify the benefits of a Yoga Teacher Training that we are taking strictly for our lifelong health and wellness.

If we don’t get Brave and learn how to talk about these things to ourselves and our loved ones - we might just miss out on the journey.

From my own experience gathering funds and FULL BODY YES for myself to take action in the world, here are my 3 most useful tips:


  1. Write Down 5 reasons why you can’t afford to keep put it off. Sometimes, it is not what it costs, but what it will cost you energetically to wait until everyone else is cared for before you begin. If you write these things down and the statements carry impact and emotion - then you are in a place where your emotional and spiritual self NEED you to take action. If your reasons feel contrived or unmoving...then you might be able to wait another year to block out furthering your own education or self-nurturing.

  2. Remember how good Learning WITH others is for your brain and body. There is nothing like a genuine group of yogis coming together with care to improve their postures and ripen the heart. It is proven that people in learning based communities are healthier emotionally and physically while being lifted and supported by others with the same purpose.

  3. When talking with others about your money, borrowing or asking for money (which I did for both of my 200 Hr Trainings) remember to be BOLD and UNATTACHED. Place the ask out their to the wind of their soul and be OPEN to an answer. I had to ask 3 people for ½ sponsorship of my first yoga training before I got a yes. It wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t all that bad. And EVERY day of that training I remember thinking...what would I be doing if I hadn’t just made the ask…

When we really examine our lives, there are so many ways we spend unintentional time that can be carved and shaped into time for our Journey to Self. Every Step in the Direction of Awareness is a powerful and pivotal choice.

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Bless your Journey! 


Jenna McDonald