lackluster practice

If your life is stuck, your yoga probably is too. Here are two adjustments that you can make to shift your focus and revolutionize your yoga practice. 

   1. Just showing up on your mat.

Over the past 10 years as an instructor of Breath Awareness and Yoga I have noticed ONE particular mistake that separates a lackluster practice from a truly elegant or embodied flow practice and that is: wholehearted participation. Truthfully, I see students either: choose to explore the suggestions and concepts given in classes or decide they will follow along, but remain otherwise “non-participatory”. As a teacher, I am not able to help the later.

In fact, I often times feel I am doing students a disservice by not encouraging them to FIND SOMETHING, anything - that sets their SOUL ON FIRE.

Yoga is by definition the union of individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness, call it Source/God/The Divine Mother/Spirit or any other “name” and the fact remains...without Participating: there is no ‘thing’ to unite.

Get curious about what you are feeling, more so than the movements themselves and you are well on your way to active participation.

Simply by acknowledging that we are not fully participating in our own physical yoga practice or meditation IS the key to cracking the code.

It is a pitfall of yoga and physical fitness that we get lost in the “end” result we want - so much so - that we disassociate with the present moment in order to get further along a path to better health.

Maybe we want to let go of excess weight or build strength, which is fantastic. BUT if we hold the true rapture of embodying our movement away from ourselves; we end up with the opposite results that we set out in search of.

We end up feeling negative, going unconscious and creating more of the same.

The moment we begin to move through the yoga postures from a truly embodied ground, it is as if the universe is awakening within us. A sort of song unfolds and even guides one posture to the next.

Without the initial “investment or wholehearted approach” to participating the yoga practice remains at a physical level - never delivering the sort of miracle like no-u-turn results we see others attaining.

And certainly, no one can make us participate in our lives and our bodies intelligence - if we don’t create a value for it in the first place.

We have to WANT to use the body as a treasure trove of wisdom, placing value in understanding its mobility, its different organs and systems and its completely cosmic intelligence.



2. Playing it safe

While it is nice to know what you are going to get in a yoga class and that you won’t be asked to leap beyond your comfort zone only you know if this is really working for you at a SOUL LEVEL, at a SPIRITUAL LEVEL. I know for my early days of practice, say the first 5 years, I was really into noticeable results and predictable sequences. I wanted to feel stronger, more flexible and less distracted: which is both NECESSARY and valid.  But as I grew as a yogi I found myself mentally and spiritually un-challenged by 99% of studio lead yoga classes.

It was all falling short. The classes had not changed. I had. I was ready to go deeper, be reflected my blind spots and be able to use yoga as a way to challenge my unconsciousness to rise up and meet my ‘conscious or enlightened knowing’ of what is possible for me IN THIS LIFETIME. I wanted to get rolling with the inner life of yoga and instinctively knew that a teacher training program was the next step in calling my dreams into BEING.

I was looking for spiritually adept, mentally challenging and physically vitalizing classes and found what I was looking for in a training program DESIGNED to offer me all those elements.  What are YOU looking for when you approach your mat? I still engaged in daily classes but used the content I was learning in the deeper training to fuel my daily practice from the INSIDE.

My return on investment was 3 fold.

My health Skyrocketed.

During my teacher training I lost 10 lbs, gained high definition muscle and was inspired to walk everywhere - I had SO much energy. My 200 hr Teacher Training Graduates Say the EXACT same thing.

My Negative Bias diminished.

My self-worth increased, my doubt decreased and I wasn’t pulled by the negativity around me.

My ability to offer something of value in the world grew exponentially.

Did you know... 60-90 % of Doctor visits are stress related and after one yoga class there is a marked change in calming the entire central nervous system?

Take a Risk, Get Inspired and learn about how yoga postures are but the TIP of the Iceberg when it comes to what Yoga has to offer you during. Attend our FREE 200 hr YTT Info Session Sept. 1st 2018.

May your practice be evolutionary, inspired and inquisitive for years to come!


Jenna McDonald