Heartbreak Happens: Yoga for Emerging Bravely

A Personal Assessment of the Heart

Let’s be honest.

We all have heartbreak to heal.

Me, you and yes, obviously Donald Trump, too.

We are all dealing with  unresolved pain, and see it coming out in curious ways.

We ARE all in this together.

I am curious, might YOU be exhibiting signs of unresolved heartbreak? Such as:

  • Lack of self-love, thoughts of separateness

  • Unhealthy self-talk, depreciation and making excuses

  • Manifesting a need for love from others to feel calm

  • Being overly communicative, over efforting

  • Inability to make decisions and feel good about them

  • Dehydration, depriving self of water or nourishment

  • Tightness in shoulders & chest

  • Shallow breath (will be at half your capacity or less before you encourage fuller breath)

If I asked you to really look at yourself physically and energetically, as if in a mirror image, would you see any of these signs?

It will serve you immensely to jot down a few notes about each point. If at first glance, you don’t identify with the bulleted attributes - go further. Imagine you are a detective witnessing your life, look for sneaky ways these imbalances may show up for you.

Chances are what is unresolved at the heart - IS THE KEY to getting you “unstuck” in any or ALL aspects of your life. Money issues - check the heart. Work drama - check the heart.

You get it, right? Check the heart.

In the face of reality we can easily get overwhelmed.

Our lives roll forward, regardless of whether we feel ‘ready’ or not.

We lack trust in life NOW due to hurts or heartbreak of the past.

When right on the other side of heartbreak (un-named fear) is everything we’ve ever wanted.

We quite frankly we have the choice to live our worst nightmare or our wildest dreams.

When there is something unresolved at the heart, experiences & circumstances similar or reminiscent of what we need to integrate will trickle into our lives until we are ready to: FEEL IT - to HEAL IT.

Herein lies the glory of yoga.

It is designed to untie the knots of the heart, if practiced correctly.

And the ONLY entry point, happens to be the present moment.

That’s right, Now. Now. Now.

THIS moment - Is the most fertile moment of your life. (Damn that’s hot.)

You can breathe into it. You can reflect upon it. Offer it your light of awareness. Try not to judge it. But if you do - watch that shit too. Keep observing like a beast.

Come towards your yoga as a way to truly meet yourself.

See yourself as you see a good friend - with attentiveness and a desire to listen deeply.

Often we do need practices to ‘melt us’ into the willingness to open. We need teachers to teach. We need to experience not ‘being alone’ in the process. To surrender our effort and place trust into a trust worthy practice. Then the REAL shift begins.

(That’s why we include inner methods and physical practice into our weekly classes, trainings and workshops, btw.)

Soon you will see evidence of problems being replaced by solutions. The heartache replaced by compassion. There is no other way. Awareness heals.

Remember, anywhere the heart is aching and dying to hold on for fear of the NEW - it will repeat stories of old. It will give excuses and name names.

Take a moment to FEEL into your heart. (Tip: Actually try pausing and listening to the heart - even if you “don’t know how”).

Does it have anything to share?

Yoga for Heartbreak- It’s a Mindset Thing

It can be heartbreaking to take risks and fail.

To love and experience betrayal.

To not live to your fullest potential.

Luckily, heartbreak is a divine invitation. And a divine initiation all wrapped into one.

In the beginning you will kick and scream and protest this idea to exhaustion.

You will affirm for the universe that you are entitled to FEEL the way you feel.

You were hurt after all. You are right to feel this way.

And in a worldly sense - YOU ARE absolutely right.

Energetically, however, YOU KNOW - deep down - you are the one re-harming yourself, losing vital energy and quite frankly - resentful at the fact that you are a spiritual being having a stupid messy human experience that ONLY you can clean up.

This realization is the opposite of spiritual materialism.

You begin to own your power, your impact.

When you become clear, without a doubt, that you are the one re-harming yourself - that clarity in itself brings a new layer of aching heart. Feel that too. (And if you need support breathing into it - ASK us for support, we specialize in Breathwork).

Sometimes this can be so confusing or upsetting that we drop the ball and go back to blaming our experience.

Stay with it. You are SOOOO close. I promise.

This year I have dipped super earnestly into my heart...

And do you know what I found, still -

Overwhelming Grief. Hatred. Insane amounts of love & passion. Impatience. Volatility. Misapprehension. Disappointment. Thrill.

All of it, living right there in my very own heart. After all these years of practice I am only getting more intimate with my incongruencies, not necessarily less emotional.

As you approach your yoga, emerging bravely from the heartbreak of life, you may be interested in what the heart holds.

Rad Facts about the Heart:

  • Your anatomical heart is the epicenter for pranic (Breath/Lifeforce) distribution throughout the body. It is the conductor of the music of your life.

  • It lives and beats in close proximity to the thymus (our primary gland of immuno-regulation). The Greek/Latin root of thymus means both love and hate.

  • When a heart cell is removed from the heart it will die off immediately - unless there is another heart cell alongside it. In which case, it will continue to beat for some time.

  • The Greek/Latin root of the word decision means to cut or kill. So yes, everytime we make a decision we indeed “cut off” other parts of our life to give our new choice LIFE and energy. We are continuously losing, and gaining - dying to live fully.

  • The Anahata Chakra, or energetic heart center, literally means “unstruck” or that which is never truly harmed or altered by experience.

We heal the heart by offering it our awareness.

We heal the heart through specific Yogic Practices like our Breathwork and Classes designed to open the heart (See Schedule Here).

We heal the heart by getting our mindset in order, by stopping the twisting of the mind (Yoga Sutra 1.2) and refusing to re-harm ourselves over and over again (Ahimsa).

The Boon for Being Brave

When the heart is heard - aspects of our life that felt out of balance, naturally fall into order.

Signs of Healthy Heart Space are:

  • Ease in giving and receiving, spending and saving

  • General sense of awe and wonder - regardless of circumstances

  • Healthy relationships to sexual and non-sexual touch, intimacy and connection

  • Emotional ease and harmony at the heart

  • Embodied respect for all of life, ability to FEEL others and act on their behalf

  • Badass boundaries for self and others that keep relationships safe

  • Ability to self-regulate, listen and speak in cadence with others

  • Willingness to go into the practices that unearth pain to heal the pain

  • Willingness to bravely step into altered states and listen for guidance

  • Strong intuition without imposing any agendas

  • Ability to laugh from the gut, regularly

  • Spontaneous and joyful approach in taking actions towards our dreams.

All I can truly say is the proof is in the pudding.

The Free Talk Nov. 9th 5:30-6:30 pm and Following Class will cover practices to ‘Open the Heart’

We are excited to bring you Yoga for the Heart all of November and into December 2018.

Wishing  you smooth & savory integration at the heart.

Jenna McDonald

To contact Jenna directly for privates or questions about how to really initiate a strong practice, email her directly at: jennadevi@gmail.com.

Jenna McDonald