We are now open for registration!

Hello dear Wild and Wise ones,

Back by popular demand, our 2nd Annual WILD AWARENESS AUDIO COURSE for Women begins again this Oct. 28th, 2019 on the New Moon.

This years course has been refined with wonderful feedback and reflects a few powerful shifts:

> Audio recordings are pre-recorded for clarity and quality, delivered to you on the New Moon of each coming month (zero pressure to “make the call”).

> We are working with the New Moon and Full Moon Cycles to help women “sync up” with the moon and support hormones by coming back into Rhythm with Mother Nature.

> Calls are 30 Minutes, Meditations are now 5-Minute Micro Meditations for greater impact and consistency.

> Each Woman receives a Pdf. Guide for Nightly Inquiry and Full-Moon Reflection as a sweet reminder to hold effort for part of the month and surrender effort for the other half.

> We have further aligned our actual course format with the undulating cycles of woman and the invisible need for action and reflection periods.

> Access to 2 Wild Awareness: Trance Dance Evenings for FREE. Dates TBA.

With Grit and Gratitude,

Jenna McDonald

Founder of Devoted Yogi® & Wild Awareness Audio Course