What we learn to teach, we integrate. 

It is as simple as that. When you know you will be responsible for sharing something with another human being - you automatically take it to heart in a different way. Whether you take the training for personal development or with the intention to begin teaching yoga we encourage our trainees to begin to SEE through the eyes of a teacher. The PATH of Teaching is a PATH of integration: making something a living wisdom which can then be shared and passed on. 

Passing on the living wisdom of Yoga is the purpose of our 200 hr DEVOTED YOGI Teacher Training. 

GIVING you the TOOLS to teach/practice vibrantly, progressively and with confidence is our commitment to you.

We are dedicated to bringing you the finest Art, Science and Tradition Yoga has to offer. The Parampara (teacher to student unbroken lineage) is something we are deeply devoted to and take quite seriously here at our Island Yoga Shala (school). 


Full Program Logistics:

What you can expect from a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Devoted Yogi®...

  • All Star team of faculty with skill diversity, each with over 15 years of dedicated yoga practice and/or experience leading advanced trainings.

  • Lots of 'Functional Anatomy' in asana combined with learning to read bodies energetically.

  • Joyful community with a soft approach to deep inner work.

  • Yoga Philosophy straight from the Vedas and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

  • Strong sequencing practice for varied level classes and flow creation

  • Overview of alignment for basic warming, apex and closing postures.

  • Training in voice, cueing and demonstration.

  • Subtle body anatomy and experiential learning.

  • Pranayama and Meditation.

  • Adjustments, Modifications and use of touch in yoga.

  • Yin Yoga and 5 Element Theory Training

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Fri 5:30 - 9 pm Sat 9:30 - 6:30 pm Sun 12:30 - 6:30 pm

Sept. 27-29

Oct. 4-6

Oct. 11-13

Oct. 18-20

Oct. 25-27

Nov. 1-3

Nov. 8-10  

Nov. 15-17   

Nov. 22-24

Dec 6-8

Dec 13-15

*Thanksgiving Break is weekend of Nov. 29 - Dec. 1

Cost of FULL PROGRAM: $3250
Early Bird is $3050 before July 1st, 2019

Deposits and Tuition can be paid through the Application Page as well as request for Scholarship.

Minimum 10 students, Max. 16

Our Teachers...

Jenna McDonald, 200 hr E-RYT

Jenna brings a combination of rich Asana based teachings and a background in Vedanta and Sanskrit together for a unique lineage based approach to modern yoga. She teaches and is trained in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Various Forms of Pranayama & Meditation with over 1,000 hrs of combined teacher trainings. She is the lead instructor and director of the Devoted Yogi Teacher Training. It has always been her vision to bring the spiritual richness of global yoga to greater Seattle Area (her birthplace) and with this incredible faculty she is happy to announce that dream manifest! She holds a BA in Eastern Philosophy and Decolonization from Evergreen State College. 3 words to Describe Jenna's Teaching: Technical. Devotional. Inspired. 


Jeny rae vidal, 200hr RYT

Decolonization and Inclusivity in Yoga & Shakti Strong Ceremony

Jeny Rae is a Yoga teacher, community builder, and consciousness raiser. She holds a degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley which informs her practice, her teaching and her leadership style. She has taught at and managed multiple Yoga studios along the west coast. Recognizing we are both student and teacher, she creates a judgement-free zone of inclusivity, accessibility and radical responsibility to embody Yoga on and off the mat.  Three words to describe Jeny Rae’s teaching: playful, deep, and authentic.

Emily Pease, 500 hr RYT

business of yoga, alignment and sequencing 

Emily and Jenna have collaborated in business and life for over 10 years, both in yoga and as wilderness guides and outdoor educators. They share a drive for a healthy competitive excellence in their fields and are trained to read bodies and community dynamics. Emily is currently a 500 hr certified yoga teacher teaching in Basel, Switzerland where she helps teach in teacher trainings and advanced programs for B Yoga Basel. Emily has a gorgeous and integrated practice that inspires and elevates her students. 3 words to Describe Emily's Teachings: Compassionate. Intelligent. Lighthearted. 


Kimberley Lafferty, MA in Human Development               

Kimberley is a researcher, storyteller, mother and wife. Kim holds degrees in: English Lit, Human Development and Eastern Psychology. She spent two decades as a student and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, Himalayan yoga tantra and western integral theory. She founded and directed a non-profit adult education company that certifies hundreds of yoga teachers around the world. Kimberley spent over three cumulative years in solitary retreat, graduated from a twelve year advanced degree study program with the Asian Classics Institute, and eventually became one of the first American female lineage Lamas to teach Vajrayana Buddhism. Kimberley then completed her western education in human development to bring global balance to her education. She now follows a call that includes a child, a book, and a country island in the Pacific Northwest. 3 words to describe Kim's Teaching: Truthful. Integral. Compassionate. 

Sarah Kruse, Ayurvedic Practitioner and LMP                             

Sarah is the Owner and Director of Embrace Ayurveda in Seattle, Wa. As graduate of The Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico where she mentored under Dr. Vasant Lad. She has traveled to and from India and Kaui'i for many years studying with various Ayurvedic Doctors and Practitioners to refine and LIVE her practice. We are happy to welcome her back for the 200 hr training.  3 words to Describe Sarah's Teaching: Thoughtful. Nourishing. Sublime.


Stacy Hemingway, 500 hr E-RYT 

Principles of alignment in hands, feet and inversions

Stacy is steeped in years of both teaching and maintaining an advanced personal practice. Her passion is alignment and inversions. She is here to support all our trainees to develop a practice with good form and proper strength. Stacy trained for years in Anusara Yoga before it changed forms and brings her sweet functional cues together with intentional sequencing to craft meaningful and pragmatic classes. 3 Words to Describe Stacy's Teaching: Clear. Functional. Fun!

Our Trainees...




At DEVOTED YOGI we are actively searching out those on a journey of self-inquiry and dedication to an embodiment practice. The unbroken lineage of teacher to student relationship and the Vedic underpinnings of this training require a commitment to work through DEPTH philosophy, GROUNDBREAKING anatomy and an entirely new vision of self, god and the world. 

We hope that students coming in:

Have general knowledge of basic vinyasa postures already.

Can move through a vinyasa style class without pain.

Are open to a true yoga lifestyle training.

*this is not core power yoga, strictly asana focused course. It is also not going to leave you without proper training in sequencing, posture and alignment. 

In fact it is a true mixture of philosophy, breath, asana and meditation. 

Does this sound like you!!!???



“Finding Jenna and DEVOTED YOGI has been a profound blessing for me. I have practiced yoga in many places, and I find that the healing art of yoga is being offered with such clarity, generosity, and respect in Jenna's studio.  There is no judgement, which fosters a safe space to be where you are in the practice, and to reach for the edge of your practice, when inspired.  By weaving a deep understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and embodied consciousness- Jenna cultivates room for the divine to emerge, for the ordinary to become illuminated.  Authentic connection is revealed.  I cherish my time here, and I always leave class feeling renewed and resourced- regardless of the circumstances going on in my life.   DEVOTED YOGI is a bright, warm treasure, that reminds me to live in the larger arc.”


Erin Ohara

Mother/Musician Graduate of Spring 2017 200 hr YTT



The YTT gave me the tools necessary to make my own work creative and genuine. It's impossible to name everything this training taught me, but to name a few: I learned breath and thought are inextricably connected. I learned how to replace old thought patterns with healthier, more productive ones for positive change. I learned that remaining curious opens the flood gates to creativity. The teacher training with Jenna was a cocoon of nourishment and growth; its effects have been omnipresent.”


Carly Trombley

Family Therapy Major and Yoga Teacher Graduate of 200 hr YTT


A note from Director & Lead Teacher

First of all, Welcome.

I’m not sure what brought you here today, but I am sure it’s no coincidence.

After a decade of international travel and teaching - I am back in the United States leading the life of a householder yogini, raising 2 young children and putting my yoga linage into real-life practice. This unbroken lineage of yoga I hold and revere as a living wisdom at DEVOTED YOGI has come from the desire to be truly, deeply dangerously alive - regardless of what that appears like on the outside.

That is all I want for you too.

To rest in the wild abandon of your true self to the greatest degree possible…and in my eyes yoga is the gateway to that wide open present - every soul longs for.

Devoted Yogi® 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training is dedicated to the passionate work of bringing students home to themselves and into world AS radical presence - with a true yoga lineage to fall back on when times get real or rough.

As Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes so poignantly shares “Wisdom is what works.”

My intention is to bring to you what has worked for me - in its purest form, in a direct unbroken linage from my revered teachers to your heart-mind.

You can reach me direct at
tel: 4258944355. or jennadevi@gmail.com

In great enthusiasm for the journey,

Jenna McDonald